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Models Best Friend with Actress Erin Carufel and Photographer John Michael Ferrari | Models BFF, Models Best Friend, John Michael Ferrari, Actors Entertainment, actress, Erin Carufel, Actors Podcast Network, Pepper Jay, Pepper Jay Production, photograps

Episode: 13

Guest: Erin Carufel,


Models Best Friend featuring actress Erin Carufel and photographer John Michael Ferrari in an “Old Hollywood” photography session. Models Best Friend is a show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

The Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California

Episode: 13

Host: Melissa Suzanne

Guest: Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra, Gary Greene, Richard B. Sherman, Ed Asner, Dick Van Dyke, Wink Martindale, Connie Stevens, Ashley Brown, Stefanie Powers, June Lockhart, Debra Greene, Petri Hawkins Byrd, Andy Arensman, Giovante Haya, Kevin Schwarzwald


The Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California is one of the oldest, unique, and most prestigious young people’s symphony orchestras in the United States. Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1937 by its late conductor, Dr. Ernst Katz.

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Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari