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Models Best Friend with Actress Erin Carufel and Photographer John Michael Ferrari

Models Best Friend with Actress Erin Carufel and Photographer John Michael Ferrari | Models BFF, Models Best Friend, John Michael Ferrari, Actors Entertainment, actress, Erin Carufel, Actors Podcast Network, Pepper Jay, Pepper Jay Production, photograps

Episode: 13

Guest: Erin Carufel,





Erin Carufel by John MIchael Ferrari

Erin Carufel by John MIchael Ferrari




In this episode of Models BFF, photographer John Michael Ferrari creates an “Old Hollywood” photography session for his friend, actress Erin Carufel.





Two friends enjoying an afternoon ala the black and white photography of the mid-1900’s.




Erin, who has always had an affinity for the 1940’s and 1950’s, selected her wardrobe.




The special hair and make-up expertise of Ashley Rubell was instrumental in creating the mood and feel of film.




Interestingly enough, John took the photos in digital format, and choose to keep some of the photos in “color.”





Actress, Erin Carufel, is specifically for her role in The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei and when she used her martial arts skills as Batgirl in Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt. Erin has guest starred on such TV shows as C.S.I Miami, Without a Trace, and Untraceable.

A little background: Erin attended the University of Southern California and earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts. Erin was always an excellent student and graduated Cum Laude. She spent her Junior year studying at the University of Kent, in Canterbury, England, it was here that she studied the classics and earned a degree in Drama. After college, Erin continued her journey working in Television, Film and on the stage.


Trivia: Erin made a bold move when she saw that they were casting for the film “The Lincoln Lawyer” (2011). She picked up the phone and called the producer and told him that she was perfect for the part and asked for an audition. She booked the role of Leslie Faire.


More Trivia: Traveled England competing as a kickboxer. She is undefeated in all Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do competitions. Erin is also the first female ever to play on USC’s PAC-8 ice hockey team. She has been dancing since she was four years old. Her brother is professional golfer Mike Carufel. The name Carufel is French. Erin is two-time Gold Cup Championship Gold Medal winner (Tae Kwon Do) and two-time U.S. Open Gold Medal winner (Tae Kwon Do).


And, if that isn’t enough, Erin was in Army ROTC at USC where she was the only female to be a part of the Ranger Team. Thank you for your service Erin!
Erin also won Miss Oregon American Crown in 1996. Is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Graduated Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, School of Theatre.


Recently, Erin played another attorney in the original play “Treat Yourself Like Cary Grant” for The Elephant Theatre Company in Hollywood, CA, covered by Actors Day in LA on Actors Reporter


Currently Erin is attached to star in a biopic; the project is in development and will be unveiled in 2014.


Erin Carufel on IMDb
Erin Carufe’s Website



As a photographer and director of photography, John has worked with many of the top models and up and coming filmmakers of today. His photography graces CD covers (i.e., “Minor Matters,” for Peoples Republic) and movie posters (i.e. “Redemption,” for Agenda Pictures).


John Michael Ferrari also is an on-camera model coach providing models and actors with on-camera techniques and creative candid posing skills.


John’s favorite parts of photography is working with the models and painting with lights.




Samples of John’s still photography may be found at Images By Ferrari and JohnMichaelFerrari.com and on YouTube



Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist Ashley Rubell is always in demand. Ashley has worked for PHOTOGRAPHERS including TOM ALLEN, LUCAS GRATH, DAN MONICK, HARPER SMITH, and now JOHN MICHAEL FERRARI, to name a few.


Also, Ashley has worked on numerous ADVERTISING campaigns as key hair and makeup including NIKE, SHOP VAN DE VORT, UNTAMED PETALS, and VERONICA MAGGIO 2013 ALBUM.







Ashley Rubell Website



Models Best Friend is a show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.



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