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Sidebeat Music – Lowery B Fears / Baby Boy


Pepper Jay hosts Nashville songwriter Lowery B Fears, who lives outside Nashville with his spouse and 2 children. He wrote the song, “Baby Boy,” after meeting his baby son. He never knew he could love another man so much. Lowery met music producer Pepper Jay and singer songwriter John Michael Ferrari at a Publishers’ Night… Read more »

Teen Singer Maggie Perry on Sidebeat Music


Maggie Perry aka Magdalena Perry, is a 15-year old home school student who lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her mom and dad and her 11 fur babies:  4 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit, a gecko, a rat, and a hamster.  She says when you first meet her, she might seem shy and a bit awkward… Read more »

AFM 2013 Flashback #6 with host Kurt Kelly for ActorsE

Episode: 5.280

Guest: Eric Karson, Mathius Matt Gertz, Ted Crisell, Shad Gaspar


AFM 2013 Flashback #6 with host Kurt Kelly and guests Shad Gaspar, Ted Crisell, Mathius Mack Gertz, and Eric Karson for ActorsE, a show on the Actors Entertainment Channel of the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production. This episode of ActorsE is co-produced by Live Video Inc and Pepper Jay Productions LLC.

The Stevie D. Show with Hollywood Hot Rod’s Troy Ladd | StevieDshow, Interview, acting, Actor, Actors, Actress, Award, California, chat, chat show, Entertainment, Hollywood, IMDb, Interview, Jay, John Michael Ferrari, live, Los Angeles, Pepper, Pepper Jay, Podcast, Productions, comic, Stevie, Stevie D., Stevie D Show, Streaming, hot rod builder, Hollywood Hot Rods, Trendsetter of the Year, Builder of the Year, Ford Excellence Award 2013

Episode: 1.6

Guest: Troy Ladd


Stevie D.’s guest is the founder of Hollywood Hot Rod, Troy Ladd.

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