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Award-winning Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

Award-winning Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

Sheet music for My Early Life
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John Michael Ferrari performs at Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars 2020
in Beverly Hilton International Ballroom, Beverly Hills, California
John was presented with “Best Peace Song of the Year” by Art 4 Peace
for his song, “Like a Rock and Roll Band”.
Original Country Pop Music

Performing Poet Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

  1. John Michael Ferrari is now on: Soundcloud
  2. https://soundcloud.com/user-463982656

Congratulations John Michael Ferrari: Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2019 – Producer’s Choice Honors – Fame Award

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Producer’s Choice Honors
John Michael Ferrari
Singer Songwriter of the Year 2019
Presented by Al Bowman
John Michael Ferrari Band performing at The Madrid Room, Sunset Station, Henderson, Nevada 2019
Congratulations John Michael Ferrari’s song: “Like a Rock and Roll Band”  for being awarded “Best Peace Song of the Year” at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars 2020 at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California, presented by Art 4 Peace Awards.
Mary Jo Gruber interviews singer songwriter arranger John Michael Ferrari for Sidebeat Music.

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay give a big thank you shout out to #ReverbNation for announcing that #JohnMichaelFerrari hit # 1 on the ReverbNation #CountryCharts for Pahrump, NV #1 Country Charts Pahrump Nevada Nice start! Music Produced by Pepper Jay / Pepper Jay Productions / Cappy Records. 

Please visit    John Michael Ferrari Blog (by Pepper Jay)

John Michael Ferrari writes fun emotional story-telling alt country songs with a touch of sophistication and pop child-like wonder.

Alternative country: (sometimes alt-country, insurgent country, or Americana) is a loosely defined sub-genre of country music and pop music, which differs significantly in style from mainstream country music and pop country music. 

John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences and the experiences of others. Memorable lyrical and musical hooks.

John Michael Ferrari’s music speaks to him; the message or story in the song; something he can relate to. John does all of his own recording and arranging. Along with his music producer, Pepper Jay, they try to make John’s music authentic “John Michael Ferrari” as possible. 

John Michael Ferrari’s first album, “My Early Life,” consists of 12 songs that John wrote years ago. When Love Said Good-bye (love lost), Brand New River (making it on my own), Why’d Momma Lie (promised love never arrived), Breaking up Inside (broken relationship), Run (run to me), That’s What You Do (you make my life better), Let’s Run Away to Alaska, Dustoff (in honor of military helicopter and crews that pick up wounded and dead), Ain’t No Mistaken (we’ve both been taken with each other), Sentimental Fool (I should have say how I felt), Don’t Fall Between the Daylight (based on a true story of a teen cutter and potential suicide victim). 

LISTEN TO My Early Life by John Michael Ferrari

John performs his original songs as a single or with the John Michael Ferrari Band. TRACK John Michael Ferrari Singer Songwriter on Bands in Town
In Nevada, John sings and plays the guitar with Dr. John Nowins aka “Sexy Sticks” on drums, Dr. Bruce Topper aka “Nomad” on keys, Dr. David Miller aka “The Professor” on bass, and vocalists Katie Jensen and Carol Champney.

John Michael Ferrari Band

In Nashville, John sings with Chris Austin on drums, Dylan Bodley on electric guitar, John Marcus on bass, and vocalists Tarryn Aimee and Brandi MaClaren. 

Gary Sadker Band backs John Michael Ferrari in Nashville, here with singer Tarryn Amie Smith
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    John Michael Ferrari’s website

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    @JohnnyFerrari on Twitter

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    John Michael Ferrari on Instagram 
  2. For more information about Pepper Jay 
  3. For more information about John Michael Ferrari’s Original Songs, please contact Pepper Jay at 1-775-209-2702 

John Michael Ferrari is also the author of Acting with Your Eyes and the co-author with Pepper Jay of Dynamic Song Performance, The Singers Bible

Acting with your Eyes by John Michael Ferrari

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