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Tinsel on the Town at Peter Allman’s Birthday Party 2011

Tinsel on the Town at Peter Allman’s Birthday Party 2011

Episode: 6

Host: Danika Quinn

Guest: Peter Allman, Scott Foster Harris, Brando X. Keenman, Ed Magik, Gabriel Tang, April Sutton, Marvin Spurill, Victoria Peters, Phil Sky, Berry B. Barbour, Darryl Crutchfield, Deborah Brando, Gloria Rhoads Berlin, Carmelita Pittman, Rick Appling, Victoria Boone, Kim Jackson, Defrantz Forrest, Sandy Mack


Friends and Industry gather in Malibu to say happy birthday to Producer & Celeb Host Peter Allman who spreads positive energy. Peter lives his life with compassion and understanding for people despite differences that may exist.




Danika Quinn enjoys the warm Malibu evening celebrating Peter Allman’s birthday at Moonshadows with Peter Allman, Scott Foster Harris (lead singer in Zen Rizing), auteur Brando X. Keenman, Ed Magik from Ed Magik TV, actor Gabriel Tang (Vatos Locos), April Sutton (of Geraldo Rivera and BET Network), and Marvin Spurill

Peter Allman believes in the golden rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.




Danika Quinn chats with producer and celebrity interviewer Peter Allman, actress Victoria Peters, actor Phil Sky, Berry B. Barbour of Talk Fusion, Darryl Crutchfield of Hollywood Overlooked, Deborah Brando (widow of Christopher Brando), Dr. Sasi Velupillai, with special appearance of Great Sallye and Tamah.

Peter Allman, well known for his celebrity interviews, seeks interviews that will uplift and inspire others.




Danika Quinn shares the evening with Gloria Rhoads Berlin, the author of In Search of Neverland (the realtor friend of Michael Jackson who found Neverland for him), Carmelita Pittman of The Rose Breast Cancer Society, producer Rick Appling, Pastor Thomas, Victoria Boone, Kim Jackson, singer Defrantz Forrest (son of Gene Chandler the Duke of Earl), and Sandy Mack of the Clara Ward Singers.

Peter Allman was presented with the Karma Yoga award by Dr. Sasi Vellupillai Institute for spreading positive energy.

Tinsel on the Town is a show on Actors Entertainment, a site on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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