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Tinsel on The Town Promo

Tinsel on The Town Promo

Episode: 1

Host: Danika Quinn


Are you looking to add another form of entertainment to your upcoming holiday party? Have you thought of adding another dimension to your next event? What about making sure your party gets started off on the right foot and stays that way? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, HIRE US! We’ll get the party rolling with “Tinsel on the Town” covering your next event!!! Whether it be a holiday party, industry event, anniversary celebration, birthday party, bachelorette party or wedding…you name it! We’ll show up with a lil’ lights, camera and action! Our lovely host, Danika Quinn, will mingle with the crowd and interview your guests adding that extra flare, Hollywood-style! Guests will feel special just like being part of a big, Hollywood red-carpet event…whether it truly is or isn’t! PLUS, your event will appear on the “Tinsel on the Town” web show! For a nominal fee, guests will be given the opportunity to purchase an edited copy to commemorate their evening! Visit www.TinselOnTheTown.com for a sample of what “Tinsel on the Town” can do for you! And call or email asap for details about hiring “Tinsel on the Town” for YOUR next event!

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  1. allison

    hey i went to my friends 14th birthday and u guys interviewed me.. i cant seem to find your website nor any footage.. can u help and send me the link?

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