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Models BFF – Teen Runway and Print Model Katelyn Haynes

Models BFF – Teen Runway and Print Model Katelyn Haynes

Host: John Michael Ferrari

Guest: Katelyn Haynes


Models Best Friend
Models Best Friend
Katelyn Haynes on the Runway

In this episode of Models Best Friend, teen model Katelyn Haynes, shares what’s it like to be a teen in the adult world of runway and print fashion.

Katelyn Haynes
Katelyn has always had a certain energy and charisma posing for the camera, almost since she was born.
At the age of 7, a photographer Katelyn worked with nicknamed her Spunky because she was full of energy and came alive in front of the camera during her first professional test shoot. During that session she was discovered by a local modeling agency. It was then we realized her love of modeling in front of the lens and her photogenic qualities as one of the pictures from that photo shoot was selected to win a National Photogenic title.

Shortly after, during a community theater production, Katelyn also realized her love of acting. Under the direction of Darla Briganti of Oz Theater her acting blossomed; she loved every minute she was on stage. Through Miss Darla, Katelyn met Ann Marie Crouch of AMC Talent and continued with modeling but also began to study film and television. In 2009 she found herself on an exciting adventure. Ann Marie Crouch planned a weeklong trip to Hollywood, CA with several of her students to give them an opportunity to train and showcase in front of industry professionals, including Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari. Katelyn did not return home after that trip but stayed in California 5 months and then transitioned into traveling back and forth between home and California to train, audition, and work. Katelyn has grown from that cute spunky little girl to a beautifully tall young woman that fits in perfectly on the runway. Katelyn has had a wonderful time modeling on the runway during fashion week in Alabama and Florida while she is attending school.

Though Katelyn a highly motivated honor student and is focused on earning her AA by the time she graduates high school. She is starting to make plans to travel abroad to Japan in hopes of modeling for the summer.

Photos by John Michael Ferrari, Toni Riles, Howard, Colton Tarrer, and RaeAnn Haynes.

Sample of Katie’s most recent fashion shots:













Young Katie:








Katelyn Haynes on IMDb

John Michael Ferrari’s Website JohnMichaelFerrari.com

Katie Haynes and Johnny Ferrari
Katie Haynes and Johnny Ferrari

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