Motivational Chat with Alison Burmeister (Balanced Beauty) and empowerment coach host Jaime Kalman

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Episode: 108

Host: Jaime Kalman

Guest: Alison Burmeister



Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

WHY BALANCED BEAUTY? For over a decade, Alison Burmeister has been a makeup artist in the fashion, film and television and commercial industry striving to make women look beautiful — on the outside. What she discoverd over the years is that true beauty lies within. Don’t get Alison wrong, she still loves a gorgeous face of perfectly applied makeup, but the people she encounters who are truly beautiful have it going on both INSIDE & OUT. Makeup then becomes the icing on the cake! Through yoga workouts, great skin care and a healthy, “balanced” lifestyle, Alison Burmeister now helps others achieve “Balanced Beauty.”

For over a decade Alison has worked as a makeup artist in the fashion, television, advertising and editorial world. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for many years as well. Five years ago her husband and Alison were blessed with a beautiful daughter. At times Alison is challenged by the by the “dance of life”, but she always strives to remain optimistic and see the beauty in it all.

Alison Burmeister’s Website

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Motivational Chat is a Live Chat Show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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Name: Alison Burmeister
Location: Los Angeles
Region: CA

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