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The EZ Show with Billboard Chart Topper Viva Doll and The EZ Way Angels

The EZ Show with Billboard Chart Topper Viva Doll and The EZ Way Angels | The EZ Show @EricZuley @VivaTheDoll @ActorsEntertain @PepperJayProds

Episode: 4.2

Host: Eric "EZ" Zuley

Guest: Viva Doll


The EZ Show on Actors Entertainment
The EZ Show on Actors Entertainment
The EZ Show Team and Viva Doll
The EZ Show Team and Viva Doll

Viva Doll
“Viva Doll” #1 Song Billboard Artist
Viva Angelina Sky

– Winner “VIVE” AWARD for Artist Excellent Achievement – Nominated & Winner of “VIVE Awards 2013”
– Had #1 Song on Billboard Chart (Hits of the World)
– 3 Top Ten Radio Hits (Central America, Germany, Austria, Portugal)
– Over 16,400 “likes” on Facebook – Sold over 500,000 Cd’s worldwide

Viva Doll has written songs for many popular singers, to name a few, Marta Sanchez, Lorena Herrera, Lourdes Robles, as well as a few others, like Gemini (Japan).

VIVA DOLL was quickly signed to American/European Dance Label Max Music with Universal distribution, where she recorded her hit song, “Nirvana”, that charted #1 on the Billboard charts (Dance) the “Hits of the World”. Song “Nirvana” remained #1 for 6 consecutive weeks! Sold over 500,000 worldwide, (CD compilation, “Maquina Total”)
Viva Doll also recorded 3 more songs that charted top 10 radio play in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Central America.
Viva Doll re-released “Everybody’s Beautiful” (SuperStar) a Radio Hit on Power 106, Super Estrella, in Spanish & English, which VIVA performed “Live” at many LA clubs throughout, establishing a huge following and fan base who loved the song and recognized the radio hit instantly!
Dance hit song “Keep on Dreaming” became a top ten radio hit in Central America, which also was released in the States.
Dance song European hit “Boobies Boobies”, ranked top ten radio play in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal.
Viva Doll is now independent, recording and producing.
There is no question on the professionalism of this talented singer, producer, song-writer, Viva Doll worked with many top producers, Christian De Walden (Marta Sanchez), Casey Porter (Ricky Martin), Tomas Cookman, Francisca Moroder & Georgio Moroder (Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer..)
Viva Doll has performed “live” at various events and venues, Fiesta Broadway concert in Los Angeles, Fiestas Patrias, House of Blues in Hollywood, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and has toured Europe & Central America. Viva is an amazing performer, she has such control over her voice, as she also plays guitar on a few of her Latin songs.
It’s a must-see show when you combine ” Viva & a stage”. Viva Doll always sings “live”, she loves to give true meaning to her performances. This talented singer not only has amazing vocal range, 5 octave, and incredible song writing abilities, but also has beautiful doll-like looks that capture everyone’s attention, she looks like a living doll, therefore naming her “Viva Doll” (Viva La Muñeca”)
Viva Doll is a complete package of talent, with unstoppable energy and her contagious smile and laugh, she has such a beautiful soul that everyone who meets Viva Doll sees the talent she has from within her heart. Viva Doll is also ONE of FEW artists who can sing in BOTH languages, English and Spanish without any accent at all. She is a FLUENT BILINGUAL, which is VERY RARE in the music industry.
Viva Doll Recorded her full 11 song Spanish album. 2014, Co-Produced and Arranged by Viva, as well as original songs by Viva Doll.
In 2015 currently recording new English EDM Dance ROCK CD.





Viva Doll Website

Eric “EZ” Zuley’s Website


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Name: Viva Doll
Location: Pepper Jay Productions / Los Angeles
Region: California

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