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October 18 2010 – ActorsE Chat with Photographer Timothy Fielding with comic host Brett Walkow

October 18 2010 – ActorsE Chat with Photographer Timothy Fielding with comic host Brett Walkow

Episode: 2.182

Host: Brett Walkow

Guest: Timothy Fielding


Photographer Timothy Fielding

Photographer Timothy Fielding

Timothy Fielding’s Website

ActorsE is a live chat show on Actors Entertainment, an arm of the Actors Podcast Network,
a Pepper Jay Production.

17 Responses to “October 18 2010 – ActorsE Chat with Photographer Timothy Fielding with comic host Brett Walkow”

  1. Jim

    FANTASTIC interview !!! Great words of wisdom. What a very talented character. Would like to hear more of his philosophy.

  2. Bern

    Wow, Timothy, you gave a lot of great tips for those wanting to have a great photo of themselves. You are the man for that job. I’ve seen you work and you are able to capture the personality of anyone you work with!

  3. Jim Klauser

    This was a riveting interview because of Timothy Fielding’s backround and philosophy on life and photography. His views on his profession are refreshing and thoughtful. The anecdotes of shooting various celebrities was captivating.

  4. Melissa Bailey

    Loved this interview with Timothy Fielding. It gave a different perspective on working with a photographer and how to get the most out of your photo session. I’ve always been so terrified of having my headshots taken and it takes me forever to get the shoot set up because everything has to be perfect in my mind. Timothy had an insight into photo shoots that I hadn’t considered before and it’s made the decision so much easier. Just get up get started and get it done. Don’t wait to lose the weight, or get your hair done or buy that new outfit. Every actor should consider shooting with a photographer of Fielding’s caliber. He was a pleasure to watch and a great personality. Thanks for bringing him to Echat.

  5. Sally H.

    Great interview!! So much fun – he has such a great personality, and it comes through not only in the interview, but in his photos! Check out his website! Fabulous!

  6. Robyn Eastman

    Timothy and his work are a delight for not only creatives…actors, writers etc., but for anyone who needs a headshot! I LOVE hearing him enlighten us about the possibilities that open up with great head shots. Amazing how that old saying we heard when we were kids, ‘act as nice as you look’ had much deeper meanings, that Timothy’s expertise allows us to understand! I’ve seen Timothy’s portfolio and if you put them side by side with others, it is an absolutely incredible study…he captures the soul and not just the ‘face’!!! Thanks for having Timothy on this show. His expertise needs to be heard by more people because his work DOES change your life!!!

  7. Denise Fleck

    Timothy has taken PAWSome photos of myself, my husband and our dogs over the years. He knows how to get that special look out of each of us whether we’re on two-feet or four-paws! Not only does he know his craft but he’s an entertainer and philosopher who always brings something new and fun to the table as is apparent in this interview. His charm and people-friendly-ways get to your heart and reveal your soul in his photography!

  8. Julie

    This guy is awesome! I love the tips Timothy gives actors in finding the right headshot photographer, and the best way to go about getting headshots- it eliminates the fear and anxiety of the entire headshot process! Thank you!

  9. David M

    This is a guy who knows his stuff. I’ve known Timothy for years. He is an experienced veteran of the Hollywood machine who is passionate and eager to share his knowledge with everyone of us who is looking for a greater understanding of how things work in this town. He’s a little crazy (the good kind) which, in this industry, is the only way to keep your sanity. Any opportunity you have to hear him speak, take it! He’s a great teacher – and entertaining to boot.

  10. Jake C.

    Timothy is a genius photographer. He is one of the few true artists shooting headshots today. He is able to capture that special something in each of his clients that gets them in the door to agents/managers/casting directors. And eventually his photos enable his clients to get big acting jobs. His photos enabled me to get in the door to star with Ethan Hawke in the movie ALIVE. If you need headshots, Timothy is the best in Los Angeles.

  11. Harry Callahan

    Timothy shot my portfolio,I am a film performer and very critical. Timothy is the best photgrapher I have worked with. He really knows his craft, as well as being a wonderful person.He can put you at ease and capture you in exceptual ways , no posing allowed. It was productive and fun working with Him. I hope to do it again soon.Great interveiw.

  12. Rob

    Great interview!! Timothy obviously knows his stuff and has words of wisdom. Keep it up. Thanks, Timothy!

  13. Lynne

    I have know tim for many years and used his expertise and humor to make to capture not just the picture but the personality and attributes that show his subjects in the best light. His tips were great, I just wish my DSL could download the interview in one continuous segment. Great going Tim

  14. Therese

    Timothy is so enthusiastic and positive in his comments! I’m sure he is great to work with because of that! This is a great interview!

  15. Guy

    Awesome! It’s always great to learn more about and from Tim. Gimme more!!!

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