Dynamic Song Performance

Sarah Lonsert

Halloween Special on ActorsE w/ Brett Walkow, Ashley’s Hugtime et al

Episode: 4.204


Halloween Special on ActorsE w/ Brett Walkow & Friends Ashleys Hugtime, Ashley Ferguson, JG Moore, Dave Snyder, The Bornsteins, Kirkaldy Myers, singer Sarah Lonsert, and makeup artist Chris Dooly ActorsE is a live chat show from Hollywood California, on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

Sidebeat Music at the Red Carpet at the Los Angeles Music Awards 2010

Episode: 20

Host: Brett Walkow

Guest: Al Bowman, Brennan Dylan, Daniel Dungeon, Daniel Hicks, Emily Miller, Erica Rhodes, Fallen Martyr, Feisty Piranhas, Bad Seeds, Garden of Eden, Helen La Lucea, Hopdown Bilby Band, Jermiah Bivins, Jim Maropoulos, Joe Peragline, Jose Poet, Justin Foutz, LeReverie, Margie Balter, Mark Barnes, Max Cleland, Max Worthington, Natasha James, New Blues Revolution, Pappa J, Peter Allman, Pritesh Shah, Randell K, Ricco Chapa, Sally Kirkland, Sarah Lonsert, Stephanie Simon, Willie Ames, Zoe Scott


Sidebeat Music on the Red carpet at Los Angeles Music Awards which has an 18 year history, dating back to 1991

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Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari