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Thespian Thoughts Theatre Review – Chinglish by East West Players – “Timely and clever”


    Thespian Thoughts Theatre Review – Chinglish / “Timely and clever”   International relations get strained in this timely story about an American businessman’s efforts to do business in China. His hopes of landing a lucrative contract for his company are challenged by problems with translation and transactions. But his attraction to a Chinese… Read more »

European Actors in Hollywood on ActorsE Chat with Sandro Monetti

Episode: 7.79

Host: Sandro Monetti

Guest: Bernard Bullen, Margo Alison, David Foy Bauer


European Actors in Hollywood, Bernard Bullen, Margo Alison, and David Foy Bauer on ActorsE Chat with Sandro Monetti. ActorsE Chat is a Live Chat Show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Productions LLC, with PR-Marketing-Sales by Live Video Inc.

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