Actress Hélène Cardona selects Sue Wong gown and photographer John Michael Ferrari for Models Best Friend

Episode: 9

Guest: Hélène Cardona, John Michael Ferrari, Sue Wong, Linel Cooper, Stephanie Wilcox


From all of the gowns to choose from, Actress Hélène Cardona selected a Sue Wong gown for her Models Best Friend episode. Good choice. Sue Wong is a Designer Extraordinare: Beauty. Magic. Transformation. Sue Wong lives to spread glamour and beauty! Her designs are romantic and timeless. Photographer John Michael Ferrari

Singer Songwriter Justin Foutz, Poet Christine Sawicky on ActorsE Chat with host Andrea Rueda

Episode: 4.119

Host: Andrea Rueda

Guest: Justin Foutz, Christine Sawicky


Singer Songwriter Justin Foutz, Poet Songwriter Christine Sawicky on ActorsE Chat with host Andrea Rueda, LIVE from Hollywood California. ActorsE is a live chat show from Hollywood California, on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

Acting in Style – on the red carpet at the artists for peace concert

Episode: 10

Host: Anush Hopsepyan

Guest: Flora Martirosyan, Malina Moye, Eric Benet, Alexia Vassilou, Bobby Brown, Anna Annisimova, Miss Teen Asia, Meeghan Henry, Sam Arutyunian, Courtney Elyse Black, Michael Stone, Tommy Davidson, Syr Law


Acting in Style / Actors Entertainment host Anush Hopsepyan, chats with singers on the red carpet at the Artists for Peace Concert honoring Stevie Wonder.

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Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari