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  Watch The Stevie D. Show Trailer on YouTube Stevie D. Show Trailer on YouTube     Talk show with funny uplifting comedian Stevie D. with Hell-Raisers and Trail-Blazers. Each episode, Stevie and his guests share stories, jokes and jabs with each other. Guests include Hollywood’s Hell-Raisers, and Trail-Blazers, who’ve all overcome adversity to become… Read more »

Johnny Short – Teen Angel, a film short starring Katelyn Haynes

Episode: 3.2

Guest: Katelyn Haynes, Anthony Dupin, Ariel Dupin, Pepper Jay, Maurice Dwayne Smith, Elyas "EZ" Baon, Tim McCallister, Antonio Gellini


Johnny Short – Teen Angel. Johnny Shorts is a set of film shorts created and by John Michael Ferrari and directed by Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari for Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari