Sidebeat Music – Don Paul Mantarro in Memory of Recording Artist Songwriter Dobie Gray

Sidebeat Music – Don Paul Mantarro in Memory of Recording Artist Songwriter Dobie Gray

Episode: 37

Host: Anna Shalray

Guest: Don Paul Mantarro


Exclusive interview with Don Paul Mantarro, manager and good friend to recording artist Dobie Gray, may he rest in peace.

Don Paul Mantarro and Dobie Gray

Don Paul talks about his early years with The Portable People and Joe McDonald and others, how he met Dobie Gray, and their travels all over the world. In particular, Don Paul relates the story of how Dobie Gray was the first entertainer to perform for a “mixed” audience in South Africa.

Dobie Gray Makes History

Dobie Gray on South Africa stage

Dobie Gray, legendary American singer and songwriter, passed away on December 6th, 2011. Don Paul shares experiences of the two fo them from the 1960’s and 70’s, “The In Crowd” to “Drift Away” and “Loving Arms” are just three of the many memories Dobie Gray gave to us. Also, Dobie Gray landed Ben Vereen’s role in the L.A. production of the Mega – Hit, Musical “Hair,” in which Dobie remained for two and a half years.

Mobile version – part 1

Don Paul Mantarro’s Early Years in the Music Business

Mobile version – part 2
Don Paul Mantarro’s “Don’s Creations” nightclub and how he met Dobie Gray

Don's Creation

Mobile version – part 3
Don Paul Mantarro’s travels on the road with Dobie Gray to Europe and especially his several trips to South Africa.

Dobie Gray and Don Paul Mantarro in South Africa

Mobile version – part 4
Don Paul Mantarro talks more about the life of Dobie Gray and Dobie’s visit to the White House.

Inaugural Concert

Mobile version – part 5

Don Paul’s loss of his friend, Dobie Gray, and the funerals in Dobie’s honor.

Dobie Gray Funeral

Don Paul Mantarro, Meatloaf, Dobie Gray

Dobie Gray and Kris Kristofferson

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  1. Harold

    Thanks Donnie – really brings back memories … and love the little tidbits I didn’t know about Dobie … especially like the South Africa photos! Harold

  2. gfrankturner

    Teriffic interview. Well done. Brought back wonderful memories and great times. Would look forward to a follow-up interview with more…

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