The Stevie D. Show Trailer


  Watch The Stevie D. Show Trailer on YouTube Stevie D. Show Trailer on YouTube     Talk show with funny uplifting comedian Stevie D. with Hell-Raisers and Trail-Blazers. Each episode, Stevie and his guests share stories, jokes and jabs with each other. Guests include Hollywood’s Hell-Raisers, and Trail-Blazers, who’ve all overcome adversity to become… Read more »

ActorsE Chat with Pamela Jaye Smith, Author, Speaker, Producer/Director and Host Ron Brewington

Episode: 7.73

Host: Ron Brewington

Guest: Pamela Jaye Smith


ActorsE Chat with Pamela Jaye Smith, Author, international Consultant/Speaker, and award-winning Producer/Director with Host Ron Brewington. ActorsE Chat is a live chat show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Productions LLC production.

G-d in Hollywood at Ascend Conference 2014 with Michele Bachmann and Brenda Epperson

Episode: 1.9

Host: Brenda Epperson

Guest: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Deanna Kane, Kathleen Cooke, Phil Cooke, Christi Ebenhock, Linda McCray-Fisher, Robin Hanley, Susan Wehba, LynnMarie Rink, Erika Eleniak, Lynn Macklin-Fife


Ascend Conference 2014: America is a free nation, but across this country, millions of women are slaves to addiction, shame, anxiety, insecurity, fear of failure, and more. We all dream of independence, but the price of personal freedom is costly. How about you?

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