Rinat Halon Actress Turned Photographer on ActorsE Chat

Host: Deanna Jones

Guest: Rinat Halson


Watch Interview Now Rinat Halson   Rinat Halon has been fascinated with the power of a good photograph ever she was a child. She started on the other side of the camera at 16 years old as a child star on a hit Israeli TV show, as well as acted in movies, commercials, and live… Read more »

G-d in Hollywood – Ascend Conference for Remarkable Women

Host: Brenda Epperson

Guest: CeCe Winans, Lisa Osteen Comes, Star Parker, Maryann Ehmann, Lindsey Clifford, Kathleen Cooke, Susan Wehba


G-d in Hollywood on Actors Entertainment covers the Ascend Conference for Remarkable Women – October 3, 2015   Throughout the Bible, when God’s people faced the most difficult obstacles, challenges, or enemies, his instructions were simple: “Stand.” Over and over God promises our deliverance, and all we need to do is to get in position… Read more »

ActorsE Chat with actress, singer songwriter Betsy Hammer

Episode: 7.86

Host: Kurt Kelly

Guest: Betsy Hammer


ActorsE Chat with actress, singer songwriter Betsy Hammer and host Kurt Kelly. ActorsE Chat is a Live Chat Show on Actors Entertainment, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Productions LLC, with PR-Marketing-Sales by Live Video Inc.

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